Review: Yubiso Eyebrow Stamped Powder in Brown

Yubiso Eyebrow Stamped Powder in Brown

So on my trip to Penang, Malaysia, I found this chain of shops called Yubiso, which pretty much felt like a chain of shops in Singapore called Miniso. Strangely enough, Yubiso did not sell any of the Miniso make-up products, so I picked this one up because it really really intrigued me. Stamping eyebrows??? How does this product fare? Here are my thoughts:

The Good

Yubiso Eyebrow Stamped Powder in Brown

This product cost me 20 ringgit, which is about SGD$6, $0.10 more expensive than Etude House’s eyebrow pencil, which to me is already pretty darn cheap. Considering the amount of brow powder you get inside this product, I’d  say $6 is really worth it.

Yubiso Eyebrow Stamped Powder in Brown
“waterproof and sweat not dizzy”???

The top of the product has the two eyebrow stamps, while the brow powder is housed in a compartment in the bottom. Despite the weird description of the packaging, the brow powder is impressive. It is pigmented, but can sheered out if needed. It is waterproof and will not move throughout the day, something I absolutely appreciate. But it still removes easily with micellar water. You get a heck load of eyebrow powder that I will probably take forever to use up. Whee?

Yubiso Eyebrow Stamped Powder in Brown
Top: Immediately after stamping. Bottom: After blending with a finger. To give you an idea of how much it sheers out if you want it to

I use an angled eyebrow brush to apply this powder to my brows and I like the result it gives me!

Yubiso Eyebrow Stamped Powder in Brown
Sorry for the little chinks in the powder. Proof that I’ve been using it

Oh, did I mention that this comes with a mirror too? Talk about convenient!

The Bad

Yubiso Eyebrow Stamped Powder in Brown
This is what the stamp looks like. One for each brow

Unfortunately, the main reason why I bought this product, the stamps, did not work as well as I expected them too. The stamps themselves are made of foam and come in a fixed shape, one side for each brow.

I just couldn’t seem to get the hang of stamping my brows and usually got the tail bit of the stamp sticking out of my brows and onto my forehead instead >.< I suppose if the stamps matched a person’s eyebrows really well then this product would make their make-up routine so much easier. But it just didn’t work out for me…

Also, if I were to be really picky, the packaging is kinda bulky (but since it contains two stamps, I guess it is to be expected) and the brow powder clasp is a bit too hard to open sometimes. I can take close to a minute fiddling with it until it finally decides to pop open. (So I’ve resorted to just never fully closing it now)


I’m still really glad that I bought this product because the brow powder it comes with is an absolute dream. My advice: unless the stamps really match your brows, throw the stamps away and keep the powder.

Yubiso Eyebrow Stamped Powder in Brown
Bare brows
Yubiso Eyebrow Stamped Powder in Brown
Applied just by stamping. Not the most accurate to the shape I usually draw my brows in, with the tail bit sticking out (though it’s not too obvious in this pic)
Yubiso Eyebrow Stamped Powder in Brown
After some touch ups with my angled brow brush. Brows good to go

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