Review: pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in Light Yellow

pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in Light Yellow

Over in Penang, I had to pop by the Watsons there to see what other beauty picks I couldn’t get in Singapore. Pixy was the brand that I eventually decided to try out. And being the powder junkie that I am, I couldn’t help but pick this one out. How does this product fare? Here are my thoughts:

The Good

pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in Light Yellow

Let’s start with the price and packaging. This powder foundation cost be around 22 ringgit, if I remember correctly, which fits my cheapo budget very nicely. And the packaging for this powder is to die for. Look at that metallic blush rose shade! It’s so pretty!!!! Definitely looks a lot more luxe than it actually cost.

pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in Light Yellow

The product comes with a pretty big mirror and a puff as well. So packaging wise, pixy definitely delivers.

The shade I chose this time was yellow (instead of the pink that I usually go for), which matched my Asian skintone better. So yay for brands that cater to Asian skintones! The coverage it provided was medium, but beware that this product does shift around when you start getting oily, so don’t rely on this to cover your spots and stay put the entire day.

The Bad

To be fair, this product isn’t that bad. It just gives me the problem that a lot of other powder foundations give me – that when I start oiling up and this product starts shifting around my face, it leaves noticeable STREAKS of product around (places where the foundation has started to collect and pile up, next to places on my face that have been left exposed and without foundation anymore >.<)

Another thing I didn’t quite appreciate is how matte this powder applied. There are powders that give you a smooth, matte finish, but leaves your skin still looking natural. This product left my face looking very flat and dead-looking. Does that make sense? This can be counted with the use of contouring and highlighting, but if you’re not into that kind of thing, then this product alone will make you look very cakey.

And the puff that comes with the packaging is a bit too thick to give me a comfortable application. Me no likies >.<


I can see my teenager-self swooning at this product just because of the price and the packaging. Granted, it’s not too bad a product, but because of the shifting of the product and the lack of dimension it gives my face, I’ll stick to my other powder foundations for now.

pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in Light Yellow

pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in Light Yellow
Without the product
pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in Light Yellow
With the product

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