Review: Skin Aqua SARAFIT Sunscreen

Skin Aqua SARAFIT Sunscreen

I love me a good sunscreen. The health of my skin is important to me, so I’m always on the lookout for a product that offers me a good amount of sun-protection, but that also feels nice on my skin. I’ve never heard of Skin Aqua prior to this product, but it was under the sunscreen section in Guardian, so I thought, why not? How does this product fare? Here are my thoughts:

The Good

Let’s go straight to the formulation. You would think that with a name like Sarafit (if you know Japanese), the formula would give a matte finish. That’s what I thought when I bought this sunscreen. It doesn’t. If anything, this formula reminds me of the texture ofa thinner aloe vera gel. It’s very spreadable, very light, and on my skin, it is super comfortable. (If you find the texture of aloe vera gel uncomfortable, then I can’t quite help you there >.< )

There’s a bit of moisture from this product, but I would still recommend the use of a separate moisturiser before you apply this sunscreen. And SPF 50 PA+++ is a very nice SPF value to have (actually anything more than SPF 40 doesn’t quite make a difference)

This product doesn’t make me oil up faster throughout the day, which, for oily-skin people like me, is something that is really helpful in a product.

There’s also a slight floral scent to this product, which I quite like.

Skin Aqua SARAFIT Sunscreen

Skin Aqua SARAFIT Sunscreen
Very spreadable. Almost like a thinner aloe gel kind of texture

Also, there is 80g of product in this tube, which is quite a bit (the one from The Face Shop I used to use only had 70g) and that means that you can bring this tube with you in your carry-on luggage when you travel.

The Bad

Along with the floral scent, there is also a slight alcohol swab scent in this product, so to those who are sensitive to scents, just take note of this.

I can’t remember exactly how much this cost, but probably around $16.90 from Guardian. That’s okay for a sunscreen, but there are cheaper options (like LipHop, or Etude House) for those who want something more budget friendly.


I really like this sunscreen. I’ve been using it every day and really enjoying it. Highly recommend if you don’t mind the price!

Skin Aqua SARAFIT Sunscreen
For anyone who wants to see the back of the packaging

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